Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday Writing

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't been posting like I used to. I have suddenly become inundated with work - which is pretty funny because it was projects I came up with on my own.

Anyway, while working (I was, I swear) I found this lovely infographic about Old World Languages and a Ted-Ed Original lesson about fictional languages - something people really enjoy (like me, though I am currently only fluent in one language - and I even consider that a stretch).

Here's the link to the presentation: Are Elvish, Lingon, Dothraki, and Na'vi real languages? - John McWhorter
And here is the lovely infographic (from


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tech


Found on  imgur through Daily Infographic


(I'm really tired, in part because of the weather, in part because I stayed up late to watch the Sony press conference for the first time. It was interesting.)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Musings

It's a big week in the video game industry as E3 kicked off yesterday.

I love the excitement that generates around major events like championship games, conferences, and conventions. They also give me something to look forward to in the upcoming months/year.

Of course, there could always be an announcement that is made too early, or fades into oblivion leaving fans questioning if they ever saw it in the first place.

In honor of E3 and the hype it generates, here are some games you can play, courtesy of Google.

1) Atari Breakout
Go to Google Images> Search Atari Breakout

2) Zerg Rush
Go to Google and Search Zerg Rush

*Links lead out to the search (hopefully).

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Fun

I enjoy when people create playlists for books, movies, or characters. I had to create one for a summer reading assignment in high school (of course the teacher informed us he just wanted the free music...)

I did this recently for the characters in the MS I am currently working on. It started because I was listening to music (on Pandora) while working on the MS. Suddenly, a song came on that described the male's POV (point of view) on his eventual romantic relationship with the female protag.

It was crushing, emotional, and so lovely, I wrote down the song name and artist. The feels I get for my characters when that song plays is too much sometimes.

But it gave me something I needed. I had been struggling with character voice and feelings, but finding a song I feel represents that character helps me understand them a little better.

I definitely recommend trying it. It at least helps when you're overcome with feels about a book, TV show, or anything.

Feels can kill.

So here's the song I'm talking about:


Confession: I'm a wordsmith and I struggle with words.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Travels

I know a lot of these Thursday articles end up being about uncovered graves of the ancients, and today is no different. (I really need to find something a little more uplifting for Thursdays. I mean, it is almost the weekend).

The article, 2,000-Year-Old Roman Artifacts Unearthed in Ethiopia, contains an interesting mummy, one I would like to know the story of.

The woman in the grave has been dubbed "Sleeping Beauty," and maybe because of my lack of knowledge of mummies, but the way she was laid was interesting.

They said she was on her side, her hand under her chin, facing a bronze mirror.

This could mean so many different things, though I guess the root of all of it is that she was considered very beautiful in life.

The poses people are buried in usually signify what the culture believed of death (I guess the case is still true), but why was she posed in a leisurely pose, looking into a mirror?

Anyway, happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Writing

Last week I wrote about going the traditional publishing route - not in detail because I would be terribly misinformed - but I touched on thoughts and work I believe would need to be done.

Today is about self-publishing.

There are a lot of benefits to self-publishing, but a lot of set backs as well. There is an overwhelming desire, no matter what publishing route you are going, to get your writing out there before it's ready. I did that, granted I went through it at least three more times then I felt it needed because I knew it wasn't ready.

The problem with self-publishing is that there is no one to tell you "No, you're not ready." This then leads to many ebooks becoming available that are less then favorable. Of course, this then leads to a stigma that all self-published books are bad, which just isn't the case. As I have said before, I have read some self-published books that were great, maybe even better written than some books on the market today. Being a subjective industry, it's a plausible statement.

Self-publishing also requires a lot of work AFTER your book is available for public consumption. Yes, traditional publishing will ask you, as an author, to promote your book, but if you miss a day or two, who cares? But for self-publishing, this is even more like starting your own business because it is you, you, and yourself. You miss a day of promoting your book? That's a few sales or views your book doesn't get.

Your book, when you self-publish, is out there on its own, unsure of who wants to spend time with it. You will have to find your target market, how to reach them, and when is the best time to do so. Yes, there are some self-published books out there that received some royal treatment and have help with promotion, but you can't count on that to get the job done for you. There are many other self-pub books that are trying to get your sales, using the same methods as you.

A bright side of self-publishing is for the people who write as a hobby, and strictly a hobby. A lot of writers have full time jobs where they are away from the homestead. This isn't their sole source of income, they have that covered already. These people though may want to make a few extra bucks (because who wouldn't) or may not want to do the upfront battle of traditional publishing.

But I just said self-publishing is work after the book is in the wild!

People with other paying jobs may either 1) not mind too much if their book becomes the next bestseller and 2) it's still not their sole source of income. They put it out there for public consumption because it was written, they edited the MS into oblivion, and thought people may want to enjoy their work (because isn't that what this is about - at least in the beginning).

Another thing people love about self-publishing is that it eliminates a lot of the Wheel-of-Stress that comes with traditional publishing. There are so many gates your book has to pass through before it can sit on a bookstore shelf, and any one of these gates, for any reason, can shut you down and throw you out. With self-publishing, it's you and the company you are going through that are the gatekeepers.

A branch to this is the money. The company publishing your self-pub book and you are the ones that get the money (well, and the government, but they always get our money) vs. your agent, an editor, the publishing company, and who knows who else when you go with traditional.

Publishing is not as glamorous as it may seem, but it's still a worthwhile endeavor.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Theories

Tuesday is Pretty Little Liars (PLL) day, a day devoted to driving fans mad with theories on who A is.

I've come up with numerous theories, adapting some I've read by other fans.

But this isn't (solely) a PLL post, it's about an article I found on Business Insider:

The 'Ferris Bueller Fight Club' theory and other fan conspiracies sending people on Reddit into a tailspin

I love hearing fan theories as they show just how in depth, or detail oriented, people are when it comes to their favorite shows.

My favorite one, a crossover theory, is that "George Weasley from "Harry Potter" becomes Willy Wonka."

My first thought was "oh, cause of his crazy candy, right?"

Well, the little except of the discourse goes further to say "The scene where Willy has half of everything in his office kinda hints that he lost his better half, that is his brother who died." (from PM_Me_Your_Asian_Self on Reddit).

That's kind of deep. Yes, Roald Dahl wrote Willy Wonka years before Harry Potter, but I have a theory that could dismiss that time conundrum (something I am using in my book series).

What I enjoy about this is it calls some details to attention that I never would have noticed. "He lost his better half," was Willy Wonka ever married? What if he was in love. I don't remember much of the book series, as I read it in grade school, but it does make the mind wonder.

Anyway, enjoy the link (which links out to the Reddit discussions). Feel free to post any of your theories, ones you have thought long and hard about, or ones you even think about as a joke. Who knows? Maybe it's true.